Independent California is a site that advocates for the peaceful separation of California from the United States and seeks to address all the questions surrounding it.

Californian values are the same values that poll highly with the voting public in general; universal healthcare, progressive taxation, less military spending, addressing climate change, diversity, common-sense gun regulation, higher taxes on the wealthy, more spending on social programs, infrastructure, and R&D. Despite the popularity of these issues, they stand zero chance of making it past an American legislature that has been captured by the wealthy few who pull strings to push their own agenda through instead.

We are the single biggest contributor to America’s GDP (soon to be fifth largest economy in the world.) Yet our voice is watered down to nothing by America’s slavish devotion to an archaic, calcified framework that has been slowly perverted by the monied interests who never wanted the common people to have a voice in the first place.

That is not democracy. That is, by definition, an oligarchy. The difference between our values and those expressed in the national policy of our plutocrat-driven, hopelessly corrupt former democracy is proof positive that the American experiment has failed.

Californian independence is not a new idea. It has been around for a few generations. The recent disastrous election of Trump has just amplified the need for it.

It is impossible to ignore the racial politics at play that aided Trump’s election. Eviscerating the Voting Rights Act, closing down polling stations, limiting early voting, limiting hours of polling operation, and voter suppression tactics like voter IDs and purging millions of voters from the rolls in an attempt to “preserve the integrity of the vote.” All these tactics target non-white voters with surgical precision and it is as offensive as it is transparent.

These are the cynical machinations of the moneyed elite at the heart of the problem. They attack the very foundation of our country by destroying people’s ability to vote. They constantly pick at the scab of racial resentment to inflame and exploit desperate people anxious about their future minority status. And it is just further proof that the divide between Californians and the American oligarchy is too great to be bridged. We believe that diversity is a strength and not something to be used as a wedge to concentrate power into a few hands.

A thriving democracy needs voices from all sides in proportional representation. That is simply not possible with the current state of American government; a clunky, gridlock-prone, two party, winner-take-all system that the billionaire class has corrupted to the point where Democrats have become Republicans and the Republicans have become borderline treasonous in their desperation to hold on to power, inviting foreign dictators to sway our elections while putting white nationalists and anti-government billionaires into the highest positions of influence.

Some will say that Californian independence is a long shot, and we should focus our energies on fixing the American system. We would counter that doing so is just as much of a long shot, considering the fact that fixing America requires the cooperation of those who directly benefit from not changing anything. California and America are pulling in different directions, but it is not along the traditional left-right axis. This is progressive vs regressive. If America wants to drag itself 100 years into the past, they will not take us with them. The time has come for California to forge her own path.