America Is An Oligarchy

America is an Oligarchy

A study out of Princeton and Northwestern concluded what we all already know. America in its current state is not a democracy nor a republic, but an oligarchy; where a small ruling class dominates the political system and forces their own agenda, to the exclusion of everyone else, into government policy. In the last…

California Needs Its Own Tea Party

California Needs its own Tea Party

Yet again, California gets severely shortchanged on representation in favor of smaller, more rural states...the same states we are subsidizing with our taxes. South Dakota, one of the most empowered states in the country, received almost twice the return on taxes as California, the country’s most populated state, while also commanding…

California’s Voice Gets Drowned Out

California’s Voice Gets Drowned Out

The US was a shining light of representative government when we first won our independence. But since then, our continually growing and evolving country has exposed the weaknesses of our centuries-old institutions. We hold on to an archaic framework that may have made sense when there were only 13 states,…

California’s Diluted Voting Power

Thanks to Doug Mahugh 17 small states with the same population as California have over 50% more electoral college votes, and massive 17X advantage in the Senate. And yet, California pays much more in federal taxes than all these states combined while receiving less in federal funding than they do. Our…

Racism Baked Into Electoral College

Racism Baked into Electoral College

Max Bernstein has an interesting post on Medium about how the Electoral College distorts the will of the voting public, favoring whites. We all know the Electoral College was made to give the slave states more power, since slaves counted as 3/5 person but couldn't vote. And to this day, we…

California’s Watered-Down Representation

California’s Watered-Down Representation

The bottom 23 states have a population roughly equal to California. Their total electoral vote is 102. California’s electoral vote is 55. The same bottom 23 states are represented by 46 senators, while California gets 2. US Census: Population and Electoral representation