California’s Voice Gets Drowned Out

The US was a shining light of representative government when we first won our independence. But since then, our continually growing and evolving country has exposed the weaknesses of our centuries-old institutions. We hold on to an archaic framework that may have made sense when there were only 13 states, but over time it has deteriorated from fair representation to total gridlock, corruption, and tyranny of the minority.

While we may have been the first of the modern age’s governments to solve our problems, other countries have the advantage of having solved their problems more recently than we did. As a result, they have more fair, proportional, multi-party representation while the US is stuck hopelessly in the past.

California’s representation in the Federal Government has been diluted out of all proportion when compared with our population, the size of our economy, and the amount of taxes we pay as a donor state to subsidize other states.

  • Wyoming has 0.2% of the U.S. population, 0.6% of the Electoral College votes for President, and 2% of the U.S. senators. California has 12% of the population, 10% of the electoral votes, and still only 2% of the senators.
    To put it another way: Wyoming has 6 electoral votes and 2 senators per million voters, while California has 1.5 electoral votes and 0.06 senators per million voters.
  • Electoral votes in California is 1 vote per 750,000 while Wyoming is 1 vote per 160,000. Which means votes in Wyoming are  four times more powerful than ours
  • Thanks to the Electoral College, a CA resident has 0.84 Real Votes, whereas a WY resident has 3.04 Real Votes
  • The bottom 23 states have a population roughly equal to California. Their total electoral vote is 102. California’s electoral vote is 55. The same bottom 23 states are represented by 46 senators, while California gets 2.
  • Voters in 17 small states with the same total population as California have over 50% more electoral college votes, and a massive 17X advantage in Senate