California’s Advantages

Thanks to Mário De Sá Campos

  • We have a GDP of $2.5 Trillion, which makes up 1/8 of the USA’s GDP of $18.7 Trillion.
  • We have the sixth biggest economy in the world. With the advent of Brexit, we may slip ahead of the UK and be the fifth.
  • We have estimated population of 39.5M, and we would rank 35th in the world if ranked as a country.
  • In August of 2016, California job growth was responsible for 40% of US total job growth for that month.
  • We have four out of seven ports on the west coast. Three of them, Long Beach, Los Angeles, and Oakland, are among the busiest ports in the US. Los Angeles is the busiest in the entire country.
  • We are the largest producers of many crops in the entire world.