The California National Party Platform

There are a few groups out there advocating for Californian Independence. We here at IndependentCalifornia believe that the California National Party has the most thorough, well thought out plan. It addresses just about all of the desires that poll highly among the voting public, yet get ignored by the corrupt sellouts in the American Congress.

Some key points and highlights:

  • Progressive taxation
  • Universal Healthcare
  • Universal Basic Income
  • Creation of a public Credit Union
  • Robust funding for R&D
  • Ending cable monopolies
  • Massive investment in infrastructure for transportation, water, and power
  • Neutrality and resonable, but very reduced, spending on the military along with minimum, but compulsory, military service (based on the Swiss model.)
  • Investment in STEM fields and public K-12 education, publicly funded colleges and trade schools
  • Multilingual education
  • Return to the Fairness Doctrine as well as basic standards for journalistic integrity (based on the Canadian model.)
  • Immigration reform
California National Party Platform