How You Can Help

If you want to help California gain independence, here are the two most important things you can do:

  1. Become a monthly donor to the California National Party. The CNP is an all-volunteer force working hard to make this happen. A one-time donation would be great, but a monthly recurring donation, even as small as $5, would allow them a dependable monthly amount for operating expenses.
  2. Join the CNP and change your voter registration to California National Party. You will most likely have to print out your registration, sign it, and mail it in. If you fill it out but don’t mail it in, then a few weeks later they will send you a print out with a pre-addressed envelope that you can sign and send back in.

If, after doing the above, you want to do more, feel free to volunteer in additional ways:

  • Join the Slack channel and volunteer your talents, whether they be design, research, networking, organizing, data science, programming, or just lending your perspective (we need to hear from people from every section of California)
  • Join the Facebook group and join in the conversation
  • Volunteer to help canvas. The CNP needs 50,000 people to register under their name to qualify as a party on the ballots
  • Spread the word in your social circles