Racism Baked Into Electoral College

Max Bernstein has an interesting post on Medium about how the Electoral College distorts the will of the voting public, favoring whites.

We all know the Electoral College was made to give the slave states more power, since slaves counted as 3/5 person but couldn’t vote. And to this day, we continue to hold on to this relic of our racist past that puts it’s thumb on the scale of our supposedly democratic elections.

If electoral votes were divided evenly, each one would represent 583,305 people. A fair electoral representation is 1/538,305 of an electoral vote per person. I refer to this as a Real Vote.

  • On average, a white person has 1.0214 Real Votes, or 102.14% of a fair electoral representation — a 2.14% edge.
  • On average, nonwhites as a whole have 0.9625 Real Votes, or 96.25% of a fair electoral representation — a 3.75% disadvantage.
  • On average, a hispanic voter has 0.9322 Real Votes, or 93.22% of a fair electoral representation — a 6.78% disadvantage.
  • On average, a black voter has 0.976 Real Votes, or 97.6% of a fair electoral representation — a 2.4% disadvantage.
  • A white vote is worth on average 6.1% more than an average nonwhite vote, 9.6% more than a hispanic vote, and 4.7% more than a black vote.
  • A CA resident has 0.84 Real Votes, whereas a WY resident has 3.04 Real Votes (much has been made of this disparity already). Wyoming is 85.9% white, California is only 40.1% white.

A majority of Trump supporters believe that racial discrimination harms whites more than minority groups. Now that their man has been elected president based on a system that gives white voters a 6.1% bonus, they should stop believing that nonsense.

How Much Racism Is Mathematically Baked into the Electoral College? Quite a Bit.