Water Recycling Taking Off In California

The OC Water District leads the nation in water recycling. They use reverse osmosis and filtering technology to treat wastewater and pump it underground to replenish the aquifers and groundwater. Pumping it back underground keeps out saltwater intrusion as well as filtering the water even more (even though the treated water is cleaner than what you buy at the store.)

They are expected to treat 130 million gallons a day by 2022, or 40% of all water needs in Orange County. After consulting with OC officials, Santa Clara and San Jose are conducting similar projects in Northern California, and Los Angeles is planning a huge effort that could surpass the one in Orange County.

When you think about the normal glacial pace with which water infrastructure projects usually get built, things are moving at a lightning pace in California

In our quest for sovereignty, water is one of the biggest hurdles that we must clear. The recent drought could be a blessing in disguise for our independence movement, as it seems to have sparked a massive interest in California solving her problems with her own resources.

At the Water Replenishment District of Southern California, their goal is to stop importing water

Nation’s Largest Water Recycling Plant Expanding in Orange County